Food Service Sanitation Managers

Food Service Sanitation Manager’s Certificate (FSSMC)

The  FSSMC  Food Service Sanitation Manager Certificate  Requirements

  • At least  one  certified  manager  must be present  at all times while a food  operation is preparing/handling food.
  • In Illinois and the City of Chicago, an approved  eight hour course is required as well as a proctored national certification exam.
  • The certification is valid for five years after successfully completing the exam
  • Since 2014, the courses must be repeated every five years (there is no renewal process in Illinois)


Mastering the Food Safety Licensing Exam

Since 2016, the State of Illinois and  City of Chicago have started using the federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA)  food code for their own food code regulations.
This means that the training and testing required in Illinois can usually be transferred easily to other states.  The FDA food code is not just  a little bit of reading
– it’s over 760 pages!  Certified Food Safety Programs focus in on the details that food service sanitation managers need to know for certification and safe food handling.

Once registered for a the food service sanitation manager certificate course, you’ll get a pre-course study guide that has the basic regulations to learn.  The course manual includes
worksheets and sample multiple choice questions that will help prepare for the test as well.

In  85 to 90 questions, the  food  licensing exam  tests your knowledge of  food safety  principles and the  FDA food code regulations.  The exams are developed by one of four
national testing agencies (including National Registry  and ServSafe), and approved by  ANSI-CFP (American National Standards Institute – Council on Food Protection).  These exams
be proctored, which means taken under the supervision of an approved monitor.  However, the test can be given on-line with a computer or with paper and pencil.  Either way, the testing
agencies promise official results within 10 business days.   And, the certification with a passing score (at or above 75%) is valid for five years.