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Who has to be certified as a food handler?

The State of Illinois requires food handler certification for all staff in a food operation that:

 Handle food or

 Work with food utensils in related tasks (washing dishes, clearing or
                           setting tables, etc.)

What must be done to become a certified food handler?

Complete the approved course on-line, by clicking here: https://ilfoodsafety.net/product-category/food-handlers-certificate/ It takes about two hours to complete, including an “open-book” quiz.   

Keep the certificate available for inspection whenever working in a food operation.

When does a food handler have to be certified?

The State of Illinois and the  City of Chicago requires food handler certification within thirty days of hiring.

Where does a food handler go to get certified?

  • On-line courses are the most convenient, and allow a thirty day windo to complete the training, by clicking here: https://ilfoodsafety.net/product-category/food-handlers-certificate/
  • Some local community centers and colleges also provide classes.
  • Larger groups will benefit from in person, interactive trainings that will hold the attention of employees, and simplify the certification.   Group trainings can be scheduled  by emailing us  at [email protected] or  giving us a call at (773) 401-3244.

How long is the certificate valid?

The food handler certificate is valid for 3 years.