Food Sanitation Licensing Courses at Your Facility

Food licensing certification can be scheduled to fit your organization’s needs, at your location. Provide each participant with a table surface and comfortable seat, and we will provide everything else for a successful training.

Licensing Food Safety Managers

The required 8 hour course/test can be provided within one day, or be broken up in to two days (extra fee may be needed depending on location). In addition to English, testing can be administered n in Spanish, Arabic, Korean or Chinese. The price of the course is $900 per day, can accommodate up to 30 people. Course materials and testing will be $65 per attendee for testing/materials. Eligibility for the public health license depends on successful completion of the licensing exam, and is valid for 5 years.

Certifying Food Handlers

The required 2 hour training ends in a quiz that can be taken over again until each participant successfully completes the course. In addition to English, the training can be provided in Spanish. The price of the course is $350 ($400 in Spanish), and can accommodate as many people as can be comfortably seated. Course materials and testing are complimentary for the first twelve, and $5 per person for additional participants. Each participant will receive a laminated pocket card and certificate – valid for 3 years.

Please contact us at (773) 401-3244 for further information or upcoming availability.